Picture of the Day for 03-01-2005
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Super Happy birthday to POD favorite wife. Yep, she's flipped another digit on her odometer. Here is a picture of her cleaning the toilet in the closet.
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kimberly am i the favorite wife because the other POD wives won't clean toilets in closets? Mar 1st 2005 06:33:26 AM
mh Happy Birthday best daughter, great Toby-mom, favorite POD wife, super teacher and quick witted (POD) commenter. You do keep getting better Mar 1st 2005 06:56:39 AM
mh explain why the toilet is in the closet please Mar 1st 2005 06:57:57 AM
kimberly we were replacing the floor tiles under it. i figured why not clean it while it was dry. i may be weird, but you know where i get that from! Mar 1st 2005 07:48:13 AM
kimberly while we are at it, lets have a big shout out to daddy aaron, who is home with a sick ultra-cute-but-ultra-crabby toby. thanks babe! Mar 1st 2005 07:49:57 AM
Auntie Di VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BERLY. Love ya. Mar 1st 2005 08:31:31 AM
Admin Toby and I are having fun so far, but that was after an hour of crying. As for the toilet, Kim, I think we should tell everyone the truth. We decided that we don't need toilets anymore and we are just going to use the hole in the ground. Mar 1st 2005 10:43:39 AM
beth Happy Birthday Kim!!!! Its your birthday...>Aaron should clean the toilets for one day! Mar 1st 2005 12:57:23 PM
Bubby Lani Since we can't see your face, we could pretend this was someone else. Happy birthday Kimberly! A great year for you! Mar 1st 2005 05:45:07 PM