Picture of the Day for 03-01-2007
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Griffin would like this moment to say, "happy birthday Mommy. Can I read you this book."
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Nana Happy Birthday, Kimberly ! Griffin is proof it's been a good year. And you should celebrate not being in blizzardy Iowa. Mar 1st 2007 05:38:43 AM
beth Happy Birthday Kim...and congratulations on surivinng having THREE active boys! (Toby, Griffin and Aaron!) Mar 1st 2007 06:32:44 AM
Rob Happy Birthday sis! I'm looking forward to seeing what Toby made for your birthday present. Mar 1st 2007 11:30:05 AM
Nana I missed noticing the first time I looked at this pod, just how genius Griffin is... with the K --for Kimberly I need to pay better attention ! Mar 1st 2007 02:29:11 PM
Barb Happy Birthday, Kim Mar 1st 2007 03:48:42 PM
Aunt Nancy Happy Birthday Kim!! I hope that the boys are waiting on you hand and foot today. Mar 1st 2007 05:39:39 PM
Bubby Lani A happy baby like Griffin is the best birthday present a mommy can want. Happy Birthday Kim! Mar 1st 2007 06:37:15 PM
Unk J Happy annualization, Kimberly. May your love of the artsy craftsy never fade. Mar 1st 2007 07:35:22 PM