Picture of the Day for 03-14-2005
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We took the Tobinator to the 77th annual kite festival. The sky was filled with kites of all sizes. Toby was impressed. He was also impressed with how many people and dogs there were. Here he is pointing things out.
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kimberly so sorry that grandma and grandpa missed this by a rain-out! it was great! maybe next year. Mar 14th 2005 07:57:29 AM
Abuelo I think he is really saying we are number 1. Just practicing for when he attends A&M Mar 14th 2005 11:11:08 AM
mh I would guess Toby used the opportunity to say OH once or twice ! Mar 14th 2005 05:14:20 PM
kimberly just wait til we take him to the dogwalk, where they are trying to break the record for most dogs. he'll be giddy! Mar 16th 2005 06:18:16 PM