Picture of the Day for 03-14-2006
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I got interviewed by some guy named Ben who does podcasts and stuff like that at the conference I went to in Seattle. Here is me taking a picture of myself being interviewed.
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chicos tacos well i'm aaron w. with a story to tell and when i rock the crowd the crowd we all yell and when i get the feeling i feel the feel swell 'cause when i start to rhyme well i rhyme the rhyme well Mar 14th 2006 08:30:51 AM
Admin You know what's hilarious is that I'm starting to get some traffic for people looking for Chicos tacos. I'll have to post a photo of some tacos now. Mar 14th 2006 08:47:28 AM
75 Cent |EDIT| That's a borderline lame comment that I'm going to edit out. Use your noggin.|EDIT|Mar 14th 2006 11:54:16 AM
Great Auntie Di Ok, it's been a month since we have seen Toby, what have you done with him. Toby,Toby, we want Toby Mar 14th 2006 02:04:02 PM
Admin Okay, I'll post a nice Toby picture tomorrow. I've got about a week or so of more Seattle photos and then it will be back to Toby all the time. Mar 15th 2006 04:19:20 AM