Picture of the Day for 03-15-2004
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Happy anniversary to me and my lovely wife. Today's picture is of Luann's rabbit trying to eat a nacho chip. Isn't the first anniversary the rabbit one or is it paper? I forget.
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Su Butler Hard to believe a whole year has passed already!! Happy Anniversary to Kim and Aaron!! If you wrap that rabbit in paper, you've got it right! Mar 15th 2004 05:55:52 AM
Aunty beth a picture of a rabbit? Are you trying to tell us something?? Hmmm? rabbit...breeding....hmm? Mar 15th 2004 08:55:36 AM
Luanne Sherman is the bunny's name. She does love her chips. Happy Anniversary !!! Mar 15th 2004 09:05:39 AM
kimberly good grief beth!! haven't we reproduced quickly enough for you?? thanks for a wonderful first year aaron!! Mar 15th 2004 09:08:20 AM
Aunty Beth Oops...Forgot ...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!You must have 3 it is the magic number...reproduce like rabbits!!!!! Go Kim Go!!! Mar 15th 2004 09:41:44 AM
Admin Seems like this time last year someone was putting dead fish in my toilets and stuffing bad porn magazines around my house. I mean really bad porn. Mar 15th 2004 12:02:18 PM
not so uber cute abuelo I thought the saying was,if the rabbit died, a baby was on the way. Obviously, the rabbit is alive and well. (Note: May not last on a steady diet of nachos) Mar 15th 2004 12:22:09 PM
kimberly we are still finding porn occasionally, and some lightbulbs were never replaced. how did those punks get in our house?? Mar 15th 2004 12:35:29 PM
Aunty Beth I would like to go on record saying that I vetoed the porn and fish head idea....and I will never tell how they got into your house and toilet and backpack and bbq and the other places you still haven't looked. Mar 15th 2004 05:55:50 PM
Cousin Marcia Happy Anniversary Aaron and Kim it really does not seem like a year that we were at your wedding. Large snowfall here in Canada. Would rather be in your area for some nice weather. Mar 16th 2004 09:20:16 PM