Picture of the Day for 03-16-2005
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We had our first sunny weekend in six weeks last weekend. Here is Toby in the sand pit playing with his shovel. He shovels well.
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momma h He doesn't look like he thinks it's fun though. ??? Mar 16th 2005 05:08:05 PM
kimberly he's concentrating. Mar 16th 2005 06:16:50 PM
Admin We told him that if he didn't fill up his pail in a good time, he would be shipped off to the salt mines. Mar 16th 2005 09:00:13 PM
grandma The thing is I think he's thinking "it was more fun with Grandma, the last time I did this" Mar 17th 2005 05:48:57 AM
Glenn What does the button on the bottom of his shoe do? Mar 17th 2005 06:12:52 AM
kimberly if people start asking him silly questions, he can step on it and shoot out poison darts. so watch out glenn! Mar 17th 2005 07:51:50 AM
kimberly grandma is right. we miss grandma and grandpa! Mar 17th 2005 07:52:34 AM
Bubbymarg Toby is certainly interested in what he is doing. My goodness, I too am interested in seeing all the pictures and forgot what time it is. 12:18, 4/21/05 Apr 20th 2005 10:17:46 PM