Picture of the Day for 03-17-2005
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Who likes kites? We do. And so does everyone else.
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Glenn Nice shoes. Mar 17th 2005 06:08:39 AM
Glenn Did anyone do kite fights - where they tie razors to the tails and try to cut each others strings or was it more of a kite flying love fest? Mar 17th 2005 06:14:27 AM
Admin no, but a lot of people couldn't fly their kite too well so the kite would get about 20 feet in the air and then nose dive into an unsuspecting spectator and popped them on the head like bunny foo foo. Mar 17th 2005 06:23:05 AM
Abuelo AAhh...Texas in winter.... You've got to love it. Mar 17th 2005 08:20:44 AM
mh bunny foo foo ? Mar 18th 2005 05:44:45 AM
Ryan Ah man, wish I knew you were going. Anne and I were there. Mine was the big red octopus flying high in the sky! Mar 28th 2005 12:54:30 AM
Admin Oh yeah, I think I see you in the background in this photo. Mar 29th 2005 06:01:02 AM