Picture of the Day for 03-17-2006
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And here is the view from my vending machine and ice machine from the hotel. I got to figure out how a vending machine gets a better view than a paying customer.
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chicos tacos that's an easy one. pepsi machine was selected in the NFL draft, and recorded a hit with P. Diddy. obviously you need to get Jay Mohr as an agent if you want a room w/a view. Mar 17th 2006 05:00:26 AM
beth i don't know who this chicos tacos is...but he/she gets up way too early and remembers too many lines from old geeky movies. But I like him/her. Mar 17th 2006 04:49:41 PM
Admin Chico must have such an awesome job that He/she/it wants to get up as early as he/she/it can as obviously, they can not wait to get to work. Mar 17th 2006 07:17:38 PM
chicos tacos i've had plenty of jo-jobs; nothing i'd call a career. let me put it this way: i have an extensive collection of nametags and hairnets - excellent. Mar 17th 2006 10:16:41 PM