Picture of the Day for 03-18-2004
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Here is a picture of a member of my favorite FundsExpress bowling team. Dawn is seen here deliberating several topics including, Is a two party political system working, the space-time consortium, America's facination with low carb products when it's obvious it is a marketing scam and the JFK assasination theories. And you thought only fart jokes and beer consumption happened in the bowling alley bar.
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dawn Oh Aaron, you just, just... crack me up! Appears I was really trying hard to get my point across...whatever that may have been! thanks :) Mar 18th 2004 11:56:21 AM
JT Looks to me like Dawn was trying her hand at a little Tai Chi... and by the count of green bottles around her I'm sure glad I had got the hell out when I did. Mar 18th 2004 12:33:08 PM