Picture of the Day for 03-02-2004
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Great Googly-Moogly, my boy is already starting to pose for the POD. Like a chip off the ol block.
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Admin An egg tooth is a small tooth that birds have when they are hatched. They use it to chip out of their egg and then they lose it. Mar 2nd 2004 04:12:33 PM
Glenn turtles have them too. and egg laying dinosaurs. I don't know if egg-laying lizards and snakes have them. Fish don't. Mar 3rd 2004 01:43:33 PM
JWine No nosegoblins, just like his old man. Mar 2nd 2004 06:41:11 AM
Admin I think I see a small nose goblin. Mar 2nd 2004 07:55:21 AM
Glenn Has he lost his egg tooth yet? I don't see it. Mar 2nd 2004 09:15:51 AM
kimberly what is an egg tooth? Mar 2nd 2004 01:43:33 PM