Picture of the Day for 03-02-2005
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With Toby's recent ear infection, we had the day off yesterday. Since it was Kimberly's birthday we went to Wal-mart to look for presents and cake mix. We found out that the Wal-mart photo studio was offering $5.98 portraits. Here is one of the shots that we didn't buy.
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kimberly walmart is evil. Mar 2nd 2005 07:04:36 AM
JWine But they have a pretty cool frog. Mar 2nd 2005 07:51:12 AM
Abuelo World domination is in the eye of the beholder Mar 2nd 2005 09:10:35 AM
Auntie Di Who had more fun in the picture? Mar 2nd 2005 09:35:44 AM
beth that is the cutest thing i have ever seen. its even better than the pic of aaron and glenn Mar 2nd 2005 09:52:09 AM
Admin haha. Beth called me cute. Kim, are you going to just allow that? Mar 2nd 2005 11:15:59 AM
Bubby Lani Toby does not look very sick to me. He's having too much fun. Did you just decide to take the day off and use him as an excuse? Mar 2nd 2005 11:44:29 AM
Peaches Toby, How lucky you're to have such a fun Daddy! Mar 2nd 2005 02:31:05 PM
kimberly yeah, toby will probably learn to fake ill pretty early with all the fun he has when he's sick. i sure would like to see a picture of the peach family these days. Mar 2nd 2005 07:28:56 PM
Peaches Hi Kim, I'll email a Peach Pic to Aaron. Natalie just turned 8 months old. Mar 3rd 2005 02:16:09 PM