Picture of the Day for 03-02-2006
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Here is our tour guide to one of the substations. Do you know the difference between the yellow and white hard hats? In an emergency, do NOT follow anyone in a yellow hard hat.
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chicos tacos amazing electronic fact of the day: if you scuff your feet along a carpet long enough without touching anything, you will build up so many electrons in the tip of your finger that it will explode! but this is nothing to worry about unless you have carpeting. Mar 2nd 2006 07:15:39 AM
kimberly see aaron, carpet is evil. Mar 2nd 2006 07:35:23 AM
chicos tacos is the lcra guy's nickname "the tripod"? Mar 2nd 2006 04:08:43 PM
Admin That was all kind of wrong. Too bad I don't know how to photoshop. Mar 2nd 2006 07:06:59 PM