Picture of the Day for 03-22-2004
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This week's theme is pictures of people holding Toby for the first time. Today we have Beth looking content as Toby sleeps away the experience.
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Aunty Beth Aunty B loves Toby. Toby Love Aunty B. Mar 22nd 2004 05:34:02 AM
Admin Then why are you rolling your eyes? Mar 22nd 2004 05:39:46 AM
kimberly he looks so small there. today he is a big 13 lbs, 23.5 inches, and very healthy and smart, according to his dr. Mar 22nd 2004 07:16:31 AM
Uncie Glenn Auntie Beth better not get to comfortable... Mar 22nd 2004 09:21:17 AM
Bubby Lani Aaron, Beth is much better looking than this picture. We need to hire a new photographer. Beth, you should complain. Mar 22nd 2004 11:38:21 AM
Admin Hire a new photographer? You think I'm getting paid for this? Only three super cool www.aaronwine.com t-shirts have been sold and no super cool calendars have been sold. Besides, this site is about aaronwine.com expression featuring Aaron Wine. You should register www.bubbyLani.com and get your own photos going. Mar 22nd 2004 12:58:33 PM
Aunty B The last time I complained about a picture...he posted one of his famous "up the nose" shots. But Thanks Lani...at least someone realizes my inner beauty. Toby is so cute! He misses me! Mar 22nd 2004 03:36:26 PM