Picture of the Day for 03-22-2006
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I told everyone in my new Seattle clic that I could take all of our photos at once. They didn't believe me. I met Gunner and some girl who picks her nose through my old roommate Amanda. I can't for the life of me remember that girl's name, but here she is on the internet picking her nose.
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chicos tacos god bless the internet. is there anything it CAN'T show us? apropos, what's the difference between a booger and a beer? a beer goes on top of a table, the booger under it. Mar 22nd 2006 09:21:41 AM
Gold Digga You forgot my name? I swear! Whose nose do I have to pick to get a little recognition around here? Mar 22nd 2006 05:14:30 PM
beth she picks her nose through amanda? gross! Mar 23rd 2006 07:39:50 AM
chicos tacos hehe...i was thinking the same thing; wondering if that was her hand or amanda's. now that's servitude at its best! Mar 23rd 2006 08:11:43 AM