Picture of the Day for 03-22-2007
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The snap dragons are popping up. Time to pick them.
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Bubby Lani For all you people up north, these popped up last week at our house. Spring has sprung! (And so have the allergies.) Mar 22nd 2007 07:09:35 AM
Rob Iowa flowers are still buried under salty sand pile remains from snow removal equipment. But it won't be long... Mar 22nd 2007 12:53:21 PM
Great Auntie Di Rob, you need a yard, come over and see my flowers. I have two that are blooming. Mar 22nd 2007 03:45:13 PM
amera i like the color combo with those flowers. reminds me of my grandmothers house. that knome statue looks so life-like! ;) Mar 22nd 2007 05:14:22 PM
Admin thank god he isn't one of those nudie boy peeing water fountains. Mar 22nd 2007 09:57:13 PM
kimberly careful what you say... Mar 23rd 2007 07:21:44 AM