Picture of the Day for 03-23-2007
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I just finished watching the Ags get totally jobbed by the refs, but then I looked at this picture and now I'm okay. Thanks Griff.
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Bubby Lani What a riot he is. Mar 23rd 2007 10:19:52 AM
amera he is such a cute baby! Mar 23rd 2007 01:08:29 PM
kimberly i don't know...here he looks like ethel merman. Mar 23rd 2007 07:04:25 PM
Admin Did Ethel have a slobbering problem too? Mar 23rd 2007 07:34:31 PM
kimberly haven't you ever heard her sing? totally slobbery! Mar 23rd 2007 08:00:41 PM
Abuelo It looks like he is belting out "There's no business like show business" Mar 24th 2007 08:16:06 AM