Picture of the Day for 03-24-2004
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Carrie Z came into town. She got to hold the Tobinator. Ray was mightly jealous.
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Aunty B NO FAIR!! The past two pics of been good pics of someone holding Toby!!! I call discrimination! BTW...why is he always sleeping? My kids never slept. Mar 24th 2004 04:57:06 AM
kimberly appearantly, toby has already learned the vulcan peace sign. live long and prosper. what a geek. Mar 24th 2004 07:08:10 AM
Admin Does that make you a geek since you know the Vulcan sign? Yikes, I'm in a whole family of geeks. Luckily, I'm cool enough for the everyone. Beth- I thought your picture was excellent. We can always do a whole week of Beth photos. I'll even let you pick one or two. Mar 24th 2004 11:41:35 AM
kimberly aaron, you are king of the geeks. Mar 24th 2004 01:35:14 PM
Bubby Lani Cari- sorry I missed you! Mar 24th 2004 04:02:56 PM
Admin And that makes you Queen of the Geeks! Mar 25th 2004 08:58:50 AM