Picture of the Day for 03-24-2007
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Ok secret saturday picture today. Yesterday, thanks to our health care system where when you need to get a vasectomy, you must first talk to your primary health care physician who will just say ok, I had to fill out this form. Sorry the form is a bit blurry. I tried to sharpen it up a bit. Anyhoo I'll give you the questions as I think you can see my answers, it says: 1) Reason for visit. 2)When did the symptoms appear? 3)Is this condition getting progressively worse? 4)Mark an X on the picture where the pain is 5)Rate your pain from 1 to 10 6)Type of pain. I checked Tingling, Swelling, and Stiffness. For some reason I didn't check Throbbing. 9)Does it interefere with your: I check Work, Sleep, Daily Routine and Recreation I'm a funny guy....
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Been There Done That Your second wife will not be amused Mar 24th 2007 08:13:31 AM
Rob Too Much Information!! Mar 24th 2007 07:12:12 PM
Admin You think this is too much information now, wait till I have my procedure done. Do you think they'll let me webcast it? Mar 24th 2007 08:30:39 PM
kimberly his first wife is not amused. Mar 24th 2007 09:23:56 PM
Aunt Nancy Thank you for a good laugh. I needed one! When the time comes remember bags of frozen peas. Mar 25th 2007 05:15:13 PM
amera okay that's just awesome! and why are you getting your balls cut off? Mar 26th 2007 04:55:52 PM
Peaches You're too young to get neutered. Wait until your 40... Mar 26th 2007 05:18:47 PM