Picture of the Day for 03-26-2006
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Six years ago, the POD came to fruition. Finally technology had caught up my genius ability to bring total randomness to the planet. In honor of the POD's birthday, here is a totally useless Sunday photo of the corner of my old fence gate. I apologize for wasting these precious seconds of your life, but it had to be done.
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Admin Something totally funny happened today while I was playing soccer. This season I'm wearing the number 8. So we were playing this team with a hothead on it who was started early on slamming into people. In the second half with our team very ahead in the score count, he gets the ball about mid-center field. I come flying out of nowhere and muscle him off the ball and make a rather nice pass to my half back winger and then make a mad dash for the box. This guy becomes rather infuriated and takes a beeline for me and yells out "I got 8." Which really sounded like "I got ate." I started to snicker and made a curl route to avoid this guy so I could keep my knees intact for a few more games. We ended up scoring on the play which made it more funny. Mar 28th 2006 01:28:48 PM