Picture of the Day for 03-26-2007
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Happy International Aaron Day!!!! I've coincided International Aaron Day with the anniversary of the POD. Yep, Seven years of POD completed. May the eigth year be equally disturbing. I think in three years, I'm going to throw a boss 10 years of POD party. Would you come?
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Admin oh yeah, I forgot to comment about the photo. Looks like I've got two little helpers for mad cap hilarity to carry on the POD tradition. And Unkee Jeremy, here is that Livestock shirt you thought up. See how it doesn't work. Mar 25th 2007 08:00:39 PM
beth Party? Did someone say Party? Mar 26th 2007 09:56:08 AM
Admin Looks like it's just going to be Beth and me at the party. And I've already ordered thousands of hors d'ourves. Mar 26th 2007 12:45:46 PM
beth Whoo-Hoo...party with Aaron. Chance can be designated driver! Mar 26th 2007 12:49:08 PM
amera any reson to party is a good one! great pic! you look so 80's to me for some reason! Mar 26th 2007 04:56:41 PM
Admin I think this is my Elvis Costello pose, and these two band mates are the Attractions. Mar 26th 2007 06:43:00 PM
Uncle Jeremy, fashionista Yeah, thanks for the picture. I'm going to recreate the stencil. Burrito is a big hit though! I've got a request for babydoll size, whatever that is. Mar 27th 2007 09:34:37 AM
cameron i would show up as a year 1 reunion returning character...you could do a reunion Mar 28th 2007 09:09:46 PM
Admin I'd still try to sell you on ebay. Mar 28th 2007 10:17:18 PM