Picture of the Day for 03-26-2010
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So ten years ago, I had a silly notion that it would be funny to have a digital camera and post a photo every day on the internet. The first picture was of my calves as I was opening up the box for my camera. This picture is ten years later of myself taking a picture in a chrome globe. I hope you have enjoyed the first ten years and everything in between. Lets see how long I can do this. Happy International Aaron Day everyone, long live the POD.
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m h congratulations --and thanks Mar 26th 2010 02:18:30 PM
Bubby LaniWow, hard to believe. I love the POD. Keep them coming.Mar 28th 2010 08:15:26 PM
NathanIf only you had had the silly notion that it would be cool for others to share their photos and update each other what they were up to you might have been a squillionaire right now........ however if you had never done it and created your website I would never have found you and my life wouldn't be half as rich as it is now. Love ya dudeMay 2nd 2010 02:59:46 AM