Picture of the Day for 03-26-2015
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So its 3/26/2015 and I've been going through some major changes. First of all, the POD started on a 3/26 and in subsequent years, I've named 3/26 as International Aaron Day. Well, a few years ago I stopped doing the POD due to extreme busyness. But now its time for a return. A return to POD greatness. First of all, a few weeks back, Kim and I announced our impending divorce. We are still good friends and this is a mutual agreement. I figured I would start the POD back up to document my next chapter and today is a boss day to do so. Hopefully, I'll do another ten years and see what happens. Thanks for checking this out. Here is a picture of my feet, much like the first one. Only this time I got the exit row seat on a plane. Best seat on the plane. Nice way to kick the POD off again.
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