Picture of the Day for 03-28-2006
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I know some of you want only Toby pictures, but I can't do that as I'm sure some of the POD fans want pictures of only food. It's tough pleasing my legion of fans. I have no idea how I get so many dandelions on my yard.
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chicos "mr. wizard" tacos dandelions are cool. totally harmless to humans (you can eat every part of the plant) and they give you a multitude of vitamins including: beta-carotene, iron, calcium, B-1, B-2, B-5, B-6, B-12, C, E, P, D, biotin, inositol, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and the sugar inulin. Mar 28th 2006 06:31:22 AM
Great Auntie Di I would be happy seeing Toby once a week. I know how in demand you are. Mar 28th 2006 07:34:54 AM
Admin Get ready for a Toby overload coming up. I've got some nice oooooober cute Toby photos coming up. Mar 28th 2006 07:50:16 AM
Rob Do dandelions change from yellow flower to the white seeds overnight? You never seem to see a dandelion with half flower and half seeds. Mar 28th 2006 11:28:42 AM
Great Auntie Di If you eat the seed's they turn you eye's yellow. Mar 28th 2006 12:11:15 PM
kimberly lil bro, i think that they don't change that way. i think the white ones are the seeds that grow into the yellow ones. Mar 28th 2006 12:39:24 PM
Great Auntie Di lil bro, Ha. Mar 28th 2006 01:08:06 PM
kimberly Well, looks like my younger sibling was right! :The dandelion?s well-known yellow, composite flowers are 1-2" wide. They grow individually on hollow flower stalks 2-18" tall. Each flower head consists of hundreds of tiny ray flowers. The flower head can change into the familiar, white, globular seed head overnight. Each seed has a tiny parachute, to spread far and wide in the wind. Mar 28th 2006 03:06:49 PM
bubby lani What is this, a science class? Mar 28th 2006 03:27:31 PM
Rob I learned my one thing for the day. Thanks Professor Berly! Mar 28th 2006 04:06:20 PM
Aunt Nancy And I learned that Toby just keeps getting cuter all of the time. Great picture Aaron. This looks like photo contest material. Mar 28th 2006 06:36:39 PM
kimberly or maybe a toby calendar? Mar 28th 2006 07:21:07 PM
nana I'm sorry to be late, but wanted to take the opportunity to say I did make sure Toby knows how to blow on the dandelions in their white stage. Mar 28th 2006 08:40:33 PM
Nathan Weeds don't tolerate mowing like grass does so if you want to get rid of the dandelions mow your lawn more often. However, grass doesn't turn into white globes of magic that when you blow on them launch a million fairies to grant all the childrens wishes. Apr 15th 2006 09:55:21 AM