Picture of the Day for 03-28-2007
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Here is modern technology helping out the weary mothers of today. Instead of just shaking the formula, known in this household as "paste water". Kimberly can rest her tired hand by using this small mixer contraption. 4 calories were saved!
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Bubby Lani And the bottles don't have to be sterilized anymore, they just go in the dishwasher. Us Bubbys and Grandma's had it a lot harder. Mar 28th 2007 06:57:09 AM
Abuelo Can you use that thing to make milkshakes? Mulka! Mar 28th 2007 09:53:26 AM
Admin It's only got power to mix powder drinks. Mar 28th 2007 10:26:42 AM
kimberly oh ha, ha. at least i only spent $1 on my gadget (IKEA!). actually, nana did. Mar 28th 2007 11:11:47 AM