Picture of the Day for 03-29-2005
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Here is super coo; Toby on his super cool trike that was given to him from his super cool ulta Bubby. Also notice the super cool threads given to him by the super cool great auntie Di. I'm trying to think of some super cool words to describe the situation....
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Admin I just noticed the super cool Jack in the basket given to Toby by the super cool duo of super cool Uncle Richard and super cool Aunt Lynne. Still trying to come up with some super cool words to describe. Mar 29th 2005 05:58:16 AM
kimberly to sum up, super spoiled! Mar 29th 2005 07:51:30 AM
Great Auntie Di But it's so super cool to spoil him. Mar 29th 2005 08:42:18 AM
aunty beth I think he is super cool and a great marketing piece for Disney. Just wait until he want Yu-Gi-Oh Cards. Mar 29th 2005 08:55:39 AM
kimberly HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!! Mar 29th 2005 11:48:35 AM
The Hulks Dad What's all this 'super' cool rubbish. The word Super can only be used when describing a Super Hero. Mar 30th 2005 06:17:27 AM
Gr. Bubby Margaret Hi All:Is that what you want to call me Alta Bubby. No you can't do that, it means old and that is not me, in mind anyway. Apr 20th 2005 10:10:40 PM