Picture of the Day for 03-29-2006
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Nana came to visit, so the Tobinator and I took her shopping on HEB day. Today is also her birthday. As Toby would say, Happy birthday to you.
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nana Thanks Admin ! For those who may not know, HEB is fun on Saturdays. About the time we crossed the threshhold, Toby said "Samples, please ?". And, it was a good day for samples.....note the big cookie in his hand. Mar 29th 2006 05:33:31 AM
Admin I'd also like to add that Nana's birthday will be forever linked to the day Toby first wore big boy underwear. Today he starts a long journey of flushing and toliet accessories Mar 29th 2006 06:49:47 AM
kimberly we hope. Mar 29th 2006 07:58:00 AM
Bubby Lani Happy birthday Nana. We also love the "samples please" shopping trips. Mar 29th 2006 01:39:30 PM
chicos tacos toby looks like he's practicing frank costanza's patented 'stop-short' technique. kudos. Mar 29th 2006 09:16:44 PM
Admin I think he's waiting for Ruby to join him on a "Saturday Drive" around HEB. He'll be like, "hop into my ride, baby. We'll go down canned peaches aisle." Mar 30th 2006 06:53:36 AM