Picture of the Day for 03-30-2005
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Here is a photo of Toby calling Grandma to wish her a very happy birthday. Don't you just love it when people call you and then directly hand off their phone to their pensive young kids? Happy birthday Momma Hansen from all your POD favorites.
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Nathan hellooooo, helloooo ............... yeah alright, put Dad back on now! Mar 30th 2005 06:15:04 AM
Glenn "I'm not touching that thing. Do you know where it's been?" Mar 30th 2005 06:52:00 AM
kimberly weird, he's flashing the vulcan fingers again. either that or he's joined a gang. Mar 30th 2005 08:26:35 AM
Bubby Lani happy birthday Ellen. Toby has food all over his face, looks like the chicken pocks. Mar 30th 2005 08:37:57 AM
Admin Do not jinx us with chicken pox. I have five hours of sick time right now. FIVE HOURS!!!! Mar 30th 2005 09:10:23 AM
kimberly I think she just volunteered to stay home with him for a week if that happens. Mar 30th 2005 11:36:48 AM
Great Auntie Di Oh let me come down and babysit. Get me out of this office. Mar 30th 2005 02:35:26 PM
Abuelo I bet I have you all beat - 1563 sick hours and 372 vacation hours accrued. Mar 30th 2005 03:56:53 PM
kimberly then grandpa cal, why are we paying a daycare? you are hired! Mar 30th 2005 04:08:28 PM
Admin Geesh, That's 195 days worth of sick time alone. That's sick. Mar 31st 2005 05:49:06 AM
mh Abuelo Cal, I've got about the same amounts of leave built up so you can cover things while I travel down to take a turn, with Auntie Diane on deck. Anyone else want to help? Mar 31st 2005 06:21:42 AM