Picture of the Day for 03-30-2006
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Nana and Toby had a picnic on the patio. You can see some of my handiwork on the fence in the background.
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chicos tacos did the drive the car through it? Mar 30th 2006 05:50:41 AM
chicos tacos sorry. haven't had my coffee yet. i meant did YOU drive the car through it? Mar 30th 2006 06:25:31 AM
Admin That would of been one way to take down the fence, but alas, I had to use a sledgehammer and a shovel. Mar 30th 2006 06:52:21 AM
nana Yes Toby and I enjoyed our own private picnic. What Admin didn't say is that he and Kimberly left right after taking this pic to dine at the best steak place in town. Mar 30th 2006 06:32:37 PM
chicos tacos Luby's? Mar 30th 2006 07:36:10 PM