Picture of the Day for 03-04-2004
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I promised a begging Steve "Barn" Barnick last night at the bowling alley that his mug would grace the pages of www.aaronwine.com and therefore splashed accross the internet. Here he is having a cigar in honor of the birth of ooooooober cute Toby.
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Bubby Lani Why oh Why, do we have to look up everyone's nose? Mar 4th 2004 01:23:07 PM
Admin Can't help this one. Steve the "Barn" Barnick is like 6'5" and so any picture of him at my height is up his nose. Mar 4th 2004 06:07:56 PM
Hozer Kinda looks like he's wearing one of those Groucho Marx fake nose, moustache, glasses and eyebrows. Mar 10th 2004 08:50:56 PM
BARN Heh at least there ain't no buggers... Mar 15th 2004 08:17:26 AM
Admin I guarantee you that is the "Barn"'s real nose. Mar 18th 2004 04:10:56 AM