Picture of the Day for 03-06-2006
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I'm back from my trip to Corpus Christi and Seattle. Here I am at the start of my trip in Corpus at the beach. And I have to say, my, what a manly physique I have.
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chicos tacos you talkin' to me? you talkin' to me? you talkin' to me? then who the hell else are you talkin' to? you talkin' to me? well, i'm the only one here. who do the f*ck do you think you're talking to? oh, yeah? o.k. Mar 6th 2006 05:11:55 AM
Muscle A. On your trip, did you get to go to the Expiernce Musuem? That place is sooo Cooool. Very Pricey, but cool. Mar 6th 2006 10:03:40 AM
Lisa Jo Shapely nostrils, at the very least. Mar 6th 2006 02:30:39 PM
Lisa Jo Grrrrr Mar 6th 2006 02:31:09 PM
Admin Speaking of nostrils, you can see my deviated septum here. Is the experience museum the science museum? Mar 6th 2006 02:53:12 PM
Muscle A. Only if you consider Rock and Roll a Science. It's the strangely shaped building near the base of the Space Needle. Lots of Music Stuff there. Mar 6th 2006 05:56:16 PM
Admin Oh, this picture is of Corpus Christi. I was in Seattle and saw that museum a few days later. I heard they wanted $25 a ticket to get in so I just walked by it. Mar 6th 2006 08:35:40 PM