Picture of the Day for 03-07-2005
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Got to get this great photo in of Toby in the foam pit. Everyone likes the foam pit.
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Glenn Like a giant bowl full of strawberry jello. Toby is the suspended banana. Mar 8th 2005 06:36:28 AM
Admin Bout time someone got on and posted some comments. I almost had two goose eggs in three days. I thought I had more fans than that. Mar 8th 2005 06:47:00 AM
English Nathan Where's my Dad gone. Maybe the giant strawberry jello monster swallowed him up, or maybe he got caught in powerful jello undercurrent and has been swept away. Either way it looks like he may have come to a sticky end. At least thats what I think Toby is thinking, it's pretty hard to tell by just looking at the back of head. Mar 9th 2005 03:12:45 AM