Picture of the Day for 03-08-2005
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Here is the picture of Jim and I celebrating free steak and dollar beers.
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Glenn What a great deal! I know of restaurants where they offer free steak but the beers are never $1 - though the dances might be. Mar 8th 2005 06:38:13 AM
Admin oh no, this wasn't a nudie bar. This was steak that somebody else couldn't finish and Jim and I catfished the table. For some reason this restaurant (and a rather nice one at that) was offering any bowler dollar beers. Mar 8th 2005 06:46:08 AM
Glenn I never realized that bowlers were a favored demographic group for restauranteers. Mar 8th 2005 08:26:15 AM
Glenn What is a restauranteer? Something like a mousketeer? Maybe I meant to write restaurateur. I will have to make sure spell-check comes on my new computer. Mar 8th 2005 03:44:21 PM
Bubby Lani I'm grossed out, as usual. Mar 8th 2005 04:19:57 PM