Picture of the Day for 03-09-2007
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Here is a copy of the shirt that Uncle Jeremy designed. I'm sure the Griff will were this onesy quite often. Especially if a certain Nana were to come and visit.
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Admin I just realized you can see a rather plump Superdog in the window. Superdog got lovingly plump in her old age. Mar 8th 2007 11:34:26 PM
Nana Cool design, Jeremy, and Griff appears to agree. Is Griff a Burrito or a Snickerdoodle. I'm uncertain Mar 9th 2007 06:17:51 AM
Admin He's a burrito flavored snickerdoodle. Mar 9th 2007 07:12:01 AM
kimberly no he's a sweet snickerdoodle flavored burrito. Mar 9th 2007 07:19:24 AM
Uncle Jeremy, fashionista Burrito! We have our first celebrity endorsement! Mar 9th 2007 11:03:56 AM
beth you should sell those shirts on this website! I know that Glenn would wear a onsie if he had one in his size! Mar 9th 2007 01:20:28 PM
Bubby Lani How come no ones commenting on that huge smile. Made me laugh out loud again. Mar 9th 2007 05:06:51 PM