Picture of the Day for 04-11-2000
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Yes indeed. That's Jeremy and Mom posing. Jeremy is the bald one. World Trade Center is the building on the right. It's a tall building.
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JWine For the record, that was absolutely nowhere near the World Trade Center...otherwise, he's absolutely right. May 21st 2003 04:23:30 PM
Admin Jeremy is drunk. The World Trade Center was to the right. May 22nd 2003 12:31:55 PM
JWine You sure about that? I didn't think we went that far south Nov 7th 2003 11:44:30 AM
Admin Yeah, I'm pretty sure about that. There was some subway station that we took that emptied us out in some sort of underground mall and then we right next to the WTC. Nov 26th 2003 07:30:13 AM