Picture of the Day for 04-11-2005
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Steve and Jeanie are moving to Bentonville to corner the real estate market there. Good luck to them and I'm sure I'll see them again. Here is Steve and myself with a bunch of trees in the background.
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kimberly you look like you are about to give him a big kiss. Apr 11th 2005 08:11:14 AM
Admin No I'm not. Just because we are touching does not mean we are about to make out. Apr 11th 2005 08:14:09 AM
Kate in England Looks to me like your nipples might be brushing against each other! Apr 11th 2005 09:54:29 AM
Admin Kate, that's the standard way men greet each other here in the states. Nothing says "Howdy" better than a good firm nipple rub. I think in England they do something called a "handshake". Sounds quite frighting. Apr 11th 2005 10:27:38 AM
Bubby Marg Why the unhappy look Aaron. I am sure you will see each other again soon. Apr 20th 2005 10:02:28 PM