Picture of the Day for 04-11-2006
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This man has total faith in the diaper industry. It's horsey time!!
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admin Just to inform the masses, we get to check out the gender on kid #2 tomorrow. Login in your guesses if you think you know as proof that you can predict amazing things. Apr 11th 2006 05:20:19 AM
Jeremy He-Wine I'm thinking She-Wine all the way. Apr 11th 2006 11:57:15 AM
Admin I'm going to go with identical twins. One boy, one girl. Apr 11th 2006 02:51:04 PM
Bubby Lani Cal's shirt and eyes match. I'm sure it's a boy and will not believe otherwise, until B-day. Apr 11th 2006 02:59:12 PM
Abuelo And the face tone. Neigh-h-h-h- Apr 11th 2006 03:51:34 PM
Gpa Eesh My Magic 8 Ball says "Toby will soon have a little sister". Apr 11th 2006 04:51:46 PM
kimberly definitely not twins. i'm feeling girl. Apr 11th 2006 07:51:56 PM
Debbie-do Hi, I'd like to get in on this. This is Debbie (Hansen) Oakes. First cousin to Steve, your Dad, Kimberly. I think it's a girl. Apr 11th 2006 11:35:54 PM
beth i think you will have a girl...and she will be very girly...and bossy...and demanding and make Toby's life miserable...(yes..I am referencing Avari) Apr 12th 2006 09:15:04 AM
Admin Ok, I'm going to change my vote to a boy. My thinking is that everyone is guessing girl and usually group think is wrong. So therefore, it must be a boy. Apr 12th 2006 09:54:01 AM