Picture of the Day for 04-12-2004
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I went to our bathroom over the weekend and I found Kimberly doing this to the walls.
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kimberly he tries to make it sound like he didn't join me and enjoy ripping down the ugly wallpaper. Apr 12th 2004 04:20:28 AM
Bethie Yea!...new walls....I disliked that wallpaper! Apr 12th 2004 04:33:10 AM
Admin I got to admit, that was a lot of fun. I wish all of our walls had ugly wallpaper so I could rip them down. Apr 12th 2004 11:00:04 AM
bethie It's like therapy isn't it.? I find destruction therapy is better than beer. Unless you are drinking a beer while tearing things down! Who needs prozac? Apr 12th 2004 12:35:20 PM
Glenn We have plenty of ugly wallpaper you are welcome to come down and pull on it anytime. Apr 19th 2004 09:26:00 AM
Admin I will pass this information onto your kids.... Apr 20th 2004 04:17:36 AM