Picture of the Day for 04-13-2005
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This lady has no idea that in an effort to water her dog, she got her butt posted on the internet. Long live the power of the POD.
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Assman I see anumber of butts. What is the attraction to that particular one? Apr 13th 2005 09:40:36 AM
Admin I guess it's the only one that looks like her dogs. Apr 13th 2005 10:00:22 AM
Abuelo I guess that just proves the old saying that owners and pets look alike after a while......or is that spouses? Apr 14th 2005 10:59:21 AM
kimberly i hope not. no offense aaron, but.... Apr 14th 2005 01:47:54 PM
momma h is that duct tape on maggie's leash? Apr 14th 2005 05:14:37 PM
Admin Yeah, Maggie has chewed thru her leash several times. I put duct tape on it so it tastes bad. Apr 14th 2005 06:42:11 PM