Picture of the Day for 04-13-2006
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It is now offical. Kid number 2 is now known as a male. You may submit your male names now for judgement. The winner will actually get to name this new person. How awesome is that?
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toby bubbley or buddy Apr 13th 2006 07:58:52 AM
Admin My selections will be: "Mookie", "Junebug", or "Sarge" Apr 13th 2006 08:05:52 AM
Unk J Congratulations, mein brother! Boy, was I wrong (pun intended). I'm thinking names now, just need to adjust my strategy. Apr 13th 2006 08:06:13 AM
JWine How about Percy? Or Colin? Or Anders? Apr 13th 2006 08:08:17 AM
beth toby should call him bubba! poor kim....stuck in a house with all males Apr 13th 2006 10:03:54 AM
Bubby Lani Glad someone can understand these pictures, since I can't see anything. Kim has my name suggestion. Apr 13th 2006 11:18:10 AM
Auntie Lisa Woohoo! So photogenic already. Apr 13th 2006 02:23:17 PM
R. Peach Howzabout Daniel or Michael or Nathaniel or maybe Jacob. Apr 13th 2006 07:37:31 PM
R. P I did a little research and found that the name Pinchas means 'Aaron's grandson' - Pinchas Wine? Apr 13th 2006 07:41:18 PM
Admin Toby's or Kid #2's son would have to be Pinchas. Can't do Jacob as the Reinhardts claimed that one about 8 years ago before it was super popular. They are such trendsetters. Apr 13th 2006 07:48:52 PM
Yermeyahoo Okay, I had a dream last night, in this dream there was a guy named Dugan who was wiring things together. Now I vote Dugan. Apr 14th 2006 07:33:14 AM
Nathan Now Aaron, after the last naming fiasco the fact that you are having a nother boy says to me that destiny is knocking on your door once more. Seize the moment, live a little, Bite the bullet, take the plunge, do as you are bid and name someone in your family Batman. Apr 15th 2006 09:49:55 AM
Admin Nathan is so right, I'm still a bit partial to the Mutley name you came up with last time. Maybe with the right mixture of epidural and other pain meds, Kimberly would be alright with either Batman or Mutley. Come to think of it, Batman and the THE HULK are taken as names. We need another hero name. Apr 15th 2006 10:55:59 AM
Nathan Its a shame you never did take Mutley as this one could be called Dastardley!!! As for another Superhero name we through Wolverine into the mix last time which was well received and as far as I know is a name not yet taken. It has a certain ring to it and I'm pretty sure I can see traces of titanium bone grafts on the scan. Failing that Spiderman would be a safe option! Apr 16th 2006 12:34:00 AM
Admin Wolverine is indeed a good one. I also like Captain America and the Flash. Spiderman really doens't have a good feel for it. Apr 16th 2006 07:02:48 AM