Picture of the Day for 04-14-2005
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There were over three thousand dogs at this dog walk and Toby was at times a little bit more interested with a balloon. I think we need to take him to a big balloon festival.
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aunty beth they have one of those is albuquerque new mexico....i hear the balloons are huge. You look like such a dad...what a departure from the drunken aggie fan Apr 14th 2005 08:29:13 AM
momma h Beth, SuperDad knows there's a Balloon festival in Iowa this summer...where free lodging is available to the Wines as well as to their friends. Interested? Apr 14th 2005 05:12:29 PM
Glenn So what's with the shoes? Just in case a soccer game breaks out? Apr 15th 2005 12:16:53 PM
Gr. Bubby Margaret Hi: Toby and Aaron look great. I finally figured out how to get back to using your site. It is fun to see you all. Love Apr 20th 2005 09:58:23 PM