Picture of the Day for 04-15-2005
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Happy tax day. This here greasy piece of pizza represents money and the plate represents the economy and grease represents me and the cheese represents my personality. So basically I am the lubricant and flavor of my little portion of the economy. Long live me in all my glory.
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Kate in England What a tasty looking morsel you are! Apr 15th 2005 08:13:09 AM
Glenn Can I be the crust? Everybody loves the crust. Apr 15th 2005 12:10:11 PM
Admin Glenn, when I think of crust, I think of you. Apr 15th 2005 01:05:04 PM
JWine I kind of think the economy took a big crap on your pizza this week. Apr 15th 2005 02:58:10 PM
Abuelo Don't count on Greenspan calling for economic advice anytime soon. On the other hand, if he is hungry. Apr 15th 2005 03:45:08 PM