Picture of the Day for 04-16-2004
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I think this photo ruins ooober Cute Toby's political career. I mean, once you start galavanting with bears, snakes and chickens, you are committing polictical suicide.
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kimberly that is a duck, not a chicken. Apr 16th 2004 05:31:45 AM
Admin Ducks.. Chickens... They taste the same. In fact, I believe they taste like snake too. Or does snake taste like chicken? Apr 16th 2004 06:47:33 AM
kimberly i think all politicians are bears, snakes, or chickens. but i don't dream of a political career for toby, its no life for a genius. Apr 16th 2004 07:52:30 AM
no nickname At least he has his shirt on Apr 16th 2004 08:46:44 AM
JWine I dunno, I think he looks a lot like Jimmy Carter in that pic Apr 16th 2004 11:59:19 AM
kimberly jimmy carter is my favorite ex-president. but he wasn't a good politico. Apr 16th 2004 12:05:26 PM
Bush 2005 Just don't let him play with cigars. Look what happened to Clinton. Apr 16th 2004 12:42:24 PM
kimberly i'd rather he play with cigars than play cowboy like bush. Apr 16th 2004 01:38:55 PM
Laurel Actually, it's neither a duck nor a chicken. IT'S A STUFFED ANIMAL!!!!! Apr 16th 2004 01:44:46 PM
Admin mmmmmmm..... stuffed duck or stuffed chicken..... Apr 16th 2004 01:55:55 PM
scorpio I think the pig is the tastiest animal, though I haven't tried them all... yet. Apr 19th 2004 09:30:19 AM