Picture of the Day for 04-17-2006
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Don't worry everyone. I'm also teaching him how to kick with his left foot as well so he can play right and left positions on the pitch.
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chicos tacos nah that would be jerk thing to do. garrincha: also known as the maradona, roller coaster or 360?, a move in which both feet touch the ball and a 360? is done. slight technique differences in the variants, but the result is the same. pwnage! Apr 17th 2006 11:52:37 AM
Gr. bubbymarg I guess it is never too early to learn to play soccer, or some things. Have fun. Love Apr 17th 2006 05:41:46 AM
Dr. Tran Darn, I was hoping for a pic of Aaron dressed as the Easter Bunny! Apr 17th 2006 08:26:11 AM
Yahoo Let's see...knees bent, body over the ball, set foot to the side...perfect technique, Tobinho. Apr 17th 2006 09:37:38 AM
chicos tacos teach him the garrincha. brazil will come knocking on your door contract in hand. Apr 17th 2006 10:46:12 AM
Admin I'd look up garrincha to find out what it is, but I'm afraid it might be something pornographic and I don't want to lose my job. Speaking of Pornographic, the easter bunny outfit photo will have to wait until next year. Viva, Tobinho!!!! Apr 17th 2006 11:09:27 AM