Picture of the Day for 04-19-2006
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Luke came into town and since I am now lame, he moved down the Wine family tree to hang out with the next generation of super cool dudes.
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chicos tacos "there were four of 'em luke...no, no, no, make that FIVE of 'em. and they all jumped me at once *HICK* but i fought 'em off. i tell you what, it's gonna take more than 5 robotic ninjas to take down the Tobinho!" Apr 19th 2006 06:47:09 AM
Admin That's an awesome description of the picture, chico. You would think a two year old could handle a couple of lite beers. I mean they were LITE beers. Geesh. Might as well put a lamp shade on him. Apr 19th 2006 06:59:38 AM
Gigi You should sell this pic to the tabloids. They'd pay big money for a photo of Vince Gill corrupting a toddler! Apr 19th 2006 09:37:04 AM
Admin Okay, that one beats out Chico, but only by slightly. Luke as Vince Gill will go down as madcap hilarious. I don't know who you are Gigi, but your kind of comments are welcome all the time. Apr 19th 2006 02:43:28 PM