Picture of the Day for 04-20-2006
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This is the only photo I have of the mighty Texas dog walk this year. I had two dogs and a stroller to handle so I couldn't get a gaggle of photos. We had super fun though. BTW, a happy birthday to Mr. Bryan Robison III today.
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Abuelo TW needs some lures for his hat Apr 20th 2006 10:35:57 AM
Admin I think he needs a bigger hat. We'll have to go thru the closet and try to find the ones he was given a while back that were too big. Funny side note, the other day we overheard him on the monitor talking to himself at bed time say, "Ruby, This is Aaron. I call him Daddy." That was really funny. Apr 20th 2006 12:08:26 PM
Gigi If I were you, I would be less concerned about Tobinator's hat size and more concerned about how that dog behind you is eyeing your booty...for that matter how that LADY is eyeing your booty! Apr 20th 2006 02:26:22 PM
Admin My booty is for all to visually enjoy. Canine and human alike. Apr 21st 2006 05:22:40 AM