Picture of the Day for 04-21-2006
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As testiment to his supreme volumn of neuron synapses, Toby can probably do more on the computer than most of you reading this.
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Gigi *&(&PUFEEYT&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&(P:WY*:L>HEDU? Apr 21st 2006 08:04:03 AM
Abuelo Put him to work Apr 21st 2006 08:47:20 AM
chicos tacos i'm not sure about this whole "calm-pyoo-tor" phenomenom. i'll stick to my picto-tube and stereopticon. Apr 21st 2006 09:02:30 AM
chicos tacos where does toby work BTW? i want a job where i can dress like that. i especially like the striped pants and lack of shoes and shirt. Apr 21st 2006 09:04:50 AM
eddie i get to come to work in my diapers. i love it! Apr 21st 2006 01:01:49 PM
Admin This must be your new job, Eddie. Apr 21st 2006 01:20:08 PM