Picture of the Day for 04-02-2007
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Tough day to be the Griff. He got a virus on Wednesday, but his fever didn't break so on Friday, he got a finger prick to draw blood, then he got a lung x-ray and was contained in a plastic iron maiden so they could keep him still, then he got a urine sample taken via a pee-pee catheter, then he got an anti-biotic shot, then he went to the emergency room and got another trip to the plastic iron maiden followed by a 20 minute session with a medicine mask. By Sunday, he was back to his normal ball of smiles. Here's his lungs.
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Admin And congradulations Unkee Jeremy for dislocating his elbow. Now, I'm glad my soccer game got canceled on Sunday Apr 1st 2007 07:47:44 PM
Rob Poor little Griff. Sounds like he's a tough little guy. Well, maybe not so little. Apr 2nd 2007 08:22:53 AM
Uncle One-arm Damn you virus! Begone from my nephew! Apr 2nd 2007 09:31:37 AM
Bubby Lani Tough weekend for 3 of the 4 Wine boys. Griff has all his hospital stuff, Daddy Aaron has to watch, Jeremy dislocates his arm, but Toby keeps smiling on. Apr 2nd 2007 02:58:55 PM