Picture of the Day for 04-24-2007
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Okay POD fans, don't you all think it's time for a super cute Griff Griff picture?
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his Nana thank you thank you, YES !!! Apr 24th 2007 05:41:03 AM
Bubby Lani This pic really captures The Griff. Toys all over, but at least one in his mouth at all times. Apr 24th 2007 02:10:40 PM
kimberly he now has 8 teeth, so he's been chewing on everything. that's his M.O. at school too, dump the bucket of toys and chew his way through them. Apr 24th 2007 02:54:38 PM
Uncle Jeremy Just glad to see the little squirt is feeling better. I expect mad playtime whence I get to Austin Apr 24th 2007 04:24:20 PM