Picture of the Day for 04-25-2005
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The man was a dancing fool at the biergarten. He's got this great poot move that he slides into a double side butt'n. I'm telling you, it's going to be the latest rage.
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kimberly aaron, you make it look like we took him to a bar. for the record, there were lots of families with kids there. Apr 25th 2005 07:12:41 AM
Kate in England See Kimberly, you do have a head!! Apr 25th 2005 08:20:31 AM
beth kids aren't supposed to go to a bar? Oh crap...Glenn did you know that? Maybe that is what is wrong with Chance. Apr 25th 2005 03:40:53 PM
kimberly its photos like these that make me like the ones where my head gets cut off. Apr 25th 2005 08:36:39 PM
Margaret What is he looking at? Apr 25th 2005 09:41:03 PM
Admin There's a big brass band playing polka music. Apr 26th 2005 05:41:53 AM