Picture of the Day for 04-27-2004
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Warning: This photo is a bit gross. I scored a goal this weekend while playing with a mashed big toe. This is the toe, not the goal.
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kimberly ewwwwww!!! help me everyone. protest this vile photo. we want cute! we want toby pics! Apr 27th 2004 06:12:37 AM
JWine That's vile. Apr 27th 2004 06:27:08 AM
Great Grandma Dorothy I'm with Kinberly on this one. Yuck!! Apr 27th 2004 07:18:02 AM
Peaches Air-On, Nobody wants to see your injured body parts. Tobey is the real star now --- Ha! Apr 27th 2004 08:06:45 AM
Tinkee-Winkee Yeah, quit hogging the stage. We want the Tobinator! Apr 27th 2004 08:10:56 AM
Laurel This little piggy says, "Ouch!" The next three little piggies need a trim. The fifth little piggy may indicate that your shoes are not fitting properly. Apr 27th 2004 10:32:07 AM
Christi Toby Rules! Apr 27th 2004 11:11:38 AM
mh what IS with that fifth toe? i recommend a pedicure during which you can ask if they've seen one like this before. Apr 28th 2004 01:43:21 PM
kimberly no pedicurist in their right mind would touch those feet! Apr 28th 2004 04:34:46 PM
scorpio Looks like a Hobbit's foot. May 7th 2004 11:38:25 AM
. I don't believe that toe is yours. The foot has hair on it. May 14th 2004 08:21:50 AM
Nathan There is nothing wrong with showing off the spoils of war. A stubbed toe goes with the territory. Hope you are all watching Euro 2004. The football (soccer) is the next best tournament next to the world cup and England are looking good with the Wonder Kid Wayne Rooney scoring for fun and being compared to Pele. Check out www.bbc.co.uk/sport Jeremy, the mighty Ipswich are still not looking good. Jun 22nd 2004 01:52:30 PM